Elegant and luxurious ambience for a relaxing holiday in the Côte d'Azur

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Contracting partners

This leasing contract has to been seen as a brokerage contract, regulating the rental of the booked holiday accommodation. The rented property is not owned by Azurrental, but property of third parties. The brokerage agreement is concluded directly between the tenant and Azurrental, but on account of the owner. Azurrental does not provide tour operator activity, or on-site services.

For all objects there is an on-site contact person at your disposal who can be contacted in case of problems. This on-site contact will be commissioned by the owner and not by Azurrental. These are independently operating service agencies or private persons who are familiar with the object. Most of the on-site contacts are multilingual. Some does only speak French. Additional services of these on-site contacts are not part of the contract between the tenant and Azurrental.

The descriptions of the privately owned holiday homes have been compiled to the best knowledge and belief based on information provided by the owner. All objects were sighted by Azurrental in person. Photos are provided by the owner or are created by Azurrental during the inspection of the property. Misprint and changes are reserved.

The interiors have been described in detail and are furnished according to the owners personal taste.

Terms of payment

35% deposit (pre-payment) up to one week after booking (early booking discount is granted)
65% final payment prior four weeks to arrival
Security deposit: by money transfer one week before arrival (refund one week after departure)

Bank account:
Commerzbank Köln, Azurrental, Vera Birgel
IBAN DE20 3704 0044 0213 7198 00, BIC COBA DE FF XXX

by credit card or via PayPal to the following account: info@azurrental.com (+ 3% fees)

Security deposit

Each security deposit payable is mentioned in their respective synopsis. Payment by bank transfer is due one week prior to arrival – we don’t accept on-site cash payment! If Azurrental does not receive notification of damage to or within the rented property, the security deposit will be refunded by bank transfer on an account indicated by the tenant one week after departure. We would like to expressly point out that we could not provide the hand-over of keys by the on-site agents without the receipt of the deposit!

Period of rent

The minimum rental period is one week. The rental property is at your disposal at 5:00 p.m. on the day off your arrival. Arrivals after 8:00 p.m. must be brought to our notice and will be charged with a 50 euro fee. Please immediately notify the responsible on-site agent over the telephone number provided, if it is foreseeable that your arrival will be delayed. You are requested to leave the rental property on the day of departure until 10 a.m.

Because of the final cleaning which follows the last tenancy, we are not able to provide earlier arrivals.

Tenant's obligations

The rental property may only be occupied accordingly to the indicated number of persons. If an overcrowding is detected, an extra fee will be charged. The tenant undertakes to treat the rental property and the entire inventory with great care. Damage caused by the tenant must be reported to Azurrental immediately.

Final cleaning

Final cleaning is not included in the rent. The charges for the final cleaning are mentioned in the synopsis. The tenant undertakes to hand over the rental property in clean swept condition. All waste must be disposed of before departure. An extra fee will be charged, if the on-site contacts report an unreasonable amount of waste after the tenants departure. 8f. ex. Extra waste disposal: 25,00 €, cleaning of barbecue/grill: 35,00 €)

Linen and towels

Our on-site partners provide complete sets of linen and towels for rental. You’ll find further information in the designated expose. Sheets will be already changed on the day of your arrival if you demand this service. There will be provided a small and a big towel, but no beach towel. The laundry-sets will be provided throughout your stay, without in-between cleaning services. Most of the rental objects are equipped with washing machines. Certainly an in-between laundry change is possible. For further information have a look at the designated expose please. Quality and design of the laundry depends on the owner’s personal taste.

Internet access

We assume no liability for the connection speed or the availability of the Internet access. Since the performance is depending on the provider, no guarantee can be given in case of malfunction. Malfunctions may occur in the region after heavy rains or storms. Connection problems can occur due to repair works. Please consider that we cannot provide financial compensation in those cases.


All properties are equipped at least with one television. The station selection is determined by the owner. Azurrental has no influence on this subject. The tenant is not allowed to change settings. In case of malfunction through improper manipulation Azurrental is forced to hire a technician at the expense of the tenant for readjustment. The reception can be strongly affected through wind and rain.

Sunshades/shade sails/awnings and pillows eg. overlayer

We assume no liability for the connection speed or the availability of the Internet access. Since the performance is depending on the provider, no guarantee can be given in case of malfunction. Malfunctions may occur in the region after heavy rains or storms. Connection problems can occur due to repair works. Please consider that we cannot provide financial compensation in those cases.


Complaints about defects of the rented property shall be transmitted immediately to Azurrental by telephone or e-mail. The tenant is obliged to cooperate in the rectification of faults to minimize damage and to ensure a reasonable period of time for remedial actions.

Azurrental is not able to guarantee the function of electrical goods, nor liable to the eventual loss of function. In case of unforeseeable defects the landlord is attempting to ensure replacement or to give an appropriate repair order. Due to local conditions – especially in high season – the period of repair can exceed the length of stay of the tenant.

Complaints about incomplete cleaning of the property on the day of arrival should be directed to the responsible person on site.

Local conditions

Due to local weather conditions such as rain or heavy winds (Mistral) combined with dust clouds of Sahara sand contamination (leaves, dust, (dead) insects) may occur in the outdoor areas even after the final cleaning of the object until the arrival of guests. Outdoor furniture, terraces, window glass and swimming pools can be affected. The pool could appear turbid after rainfall with dust clouds of Sahara sand. This is not a defect of the object but merely suspended particles that reached into the water with the rain. Certainly the local Pool Services will do their best to ensure additional maintenance after such a natural occurrence. Binding and filtering out the suspended particles can take up to several days depending on the size of the pool.

Use of the swimming pool

We would like to expressly point out that the use of private swimming pools or the use of swimming pools in holiday resorts is at your own risk. Neither the owner of the real estate nor Azurrental are liable for personal injury or property damage.

The pools of private villas are usually secured with an alarm system, fence or tarpaulin. The tenant is not authorized to turn off existing alarm systems. Existing alarm systems, fences or tarpaulins do not release the tenant from his permanent duty of supervision towards any present children.

Child safety in your holiday accommodation

Since the villas are private properties, they are equipped and built accordingly to the requirements of the owner.

Safety standards as known from tourist resorts, do not apply here. Eventually terraces and stairs are not backed by high railing or grating. Also, the interior of the villas usually offers no parental controls like fencing in front of stairs, secure socket devices or similar.

Cancellation by the tenant

Azurrental has to inform the owner immediately, if a cancellation takes place by the tenant. The following period for withdrawal and cancellation fees will be forwarded to the tenant:

– if the tenant provides a next tenant who takes care of all contractual obligations, no costs will be charged,
– In case of cancellation up to 60 days before arrival 25% of the total price will be charged,
– In case of cancellation 59-30 days before arrival 50% of the total price will be charged,
– In case of cancellation 29-14 days before arrival 75% of the total price will be charged,
– at a later withdrawal the full rental price has to be paid.

Cancellation by the owner

The owner has the right to amend the rental agreement due to pressing circumstances, under which are meant circumstances which make it in all reason impossible for the owner to adhere to the agreement (f.e. sale of the property, war, strike, natural disaster, exceptional weather conditions). In this case all paid deposit or balance payments will be reimbursed immediate.