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… and so it goes on

May 19, 2020


on Thursday 28 May 2020 the French Government announced

– that the opening of borders in the Schengen area on 15 June 2020 is advocated and can take place
– the 100 km rule for movements within the country is repealed as of 02 June 2020
– restaurants, bars and cafés can reopen on 02 June 2020
– all museums, monuments and theatres will also be accessible again on 02 June 2020

Opening borders with neighbouring countries


13 May 2020 was certainly an important day for the travel industry – albeit more for the European area and unfortunately with restrictions on, for example, Spain or Italy.

As of Saturday, 16 May 2020, border controls to France, Austria and Switzerland will only be carried out on a random basis. The borders with Luxembourg will be reopened.

The final opening of the border to the neighbouring states of Austria, Switzerland and France, and thus also free travel, will be possible again from 15 June 2020.

Like all easing measures, the Federal Government always links this to stable infection figures. It is also clear, however, that a second ‘shut-down’ would not be economically viable and that other solutions must be found in the event of rising infection numbers.

On 14 May 2020, it was decided to lift the quarantine measures in place since 9 April 2020 on return to Germany from another EU country. The implementation is to take place in the next few days, in NRW the quarantine will be suspended as early as Friday, May 15, 2020. According to Prime Minister Armin Laschet, this new regulation should be “a clear message to neighbouring countries on their way back to European normality.”

In France, there are no quarantine regulations on entry for citizens from the Schengen area or the United Kingdom.

In this respect, the efforts of the individual states to revive tourism within Europe with a late start to the season from 15 June 2020 are now manifesting themselves.

Preparations for the start of the season are in full swing


… and in the Gulf of St. Tropez, the first 4-star deluxe hotels will open as early as next week.

Airlines such as Eurowings and Lufthansa are already extending their flight schedules to the Mediterranean as early as mid-May and at the beginning of June.

The mayors of the Var region want to reopen the beaches in the Gulf of St. Tropez as early as Saturday, May 16, of course, in compliance with the necessary distance rules, e.g. between the sun loungers of the private beach sections, marked access roads, etc. The rental of WetBikes etc. is also permitted, the exact regulations regarding dynamic or static stay are expected to be announced today.

Although the date of 2 June 2020 was initially envisaged, a postponement seems feasible and justifiable with the present concepts.

The opening of restaurants and bistros is still scheduled for 2 June 2020. For this purpose, the areas of outdoor catering will be expanded as far as possible in order to be able to comply with the valid distance rules and still be able to operate with a profitable capacity of guests.


Open beach overview – Status: May 20, 2020


The rental of WetBikes etc. is allowed and all sports activities are possible – groups of more than 10 people are not allowed. The distance rules must be observed, opening hours: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.



The preparation of the villas has also begun


Housekeeping services are now also starting to prepare after a long period of vacancy and are working at full speed to prepare all properties for tenants in the coming weeks.

For the following villas, some special services can also be booked on request:

  • Villa Clairette
  • Villa l’Olivier
  • Villa l’Hermisse
  • Villa Bukit Sedap
  • Villa la Belle Issambre
  • Villa Heaven
  • Villa la Loriade


  • Shopping service according to the wishes of the tenant – the desired groceries are then available on the day of arrival in the villa
    (service fee 50 Euro + cost of purchase – payable in cash on arrival)
  • Private chef – price depends on the menu – a menu list is available in the villas
  • Intermediate cleaning (possible from Monday to Friday, min. 2 hours, price: 25 Euro/hour)

Pre-orders or further information can be obtained via Maxime Services by phone or e-mail (


Furthermore, in order to give you a little more certainty regarding existing bookings and planned bookings for the 2020 season, the modified cancellation conditions associated with COVID-19* apply as follows:

  • the possibility of free withdrawal in connection with COVID-19* without pro-rata payment on the rental price is extended to four – instead of regular eight – weeks before the start of the trip. In this case, only the regular cancellation fee of 100 Euros will be incurred (the regular cancellation conditions can also be found in our rental conditions on the homepage)
  • in the case of agreed entry or exit restrictions or border closures by the governments on the scheduled date of arrival: reimbursement of payments made by the owner
  • Suspension or postponement of the remaining payment, there is no clarity about the travel options four weeks before arrival (on request, for bookings until 11 July 2020)

* e.g. early cancellations of flights by airlines, closed borders, curfews, beaches closed on the day of arrival or other important infrastructural facilities that are not available


If you have any questions about this, we are of course at your disposal at any time.

The occupancy plans of the villas – which you can now find below the picture galleries – are up-to-date and changes to the owners’ travel plans now result in some additional free periods even during the high season.


Vera Birgel