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The rental contract is a brokerage contract that regulates the rental of the booked holiday accommodation. The rented accommodation is not the property of Azurrental, but the property of third parties. The brokerage agreement is concluded directly between the tenant and Azurrental, but on the account and on behalf of the owner. Azurrental does not take over any tour operator activity or services on site. A contact person is available for all properties on site, who can be contacted in case of problems. These contact persons are assigned by the owner and not by Azurrental. These are self-employed service agencies or, in some cases, private persons who are familiar with the object. Some contacts speak several languages, but it can also happen that only the national language is spoken. Additional services of on spot services are not part of the contract.

The descriptions of the privately owned holiday homes have been prepared to the best of our knowledge and belief and are based on information provided by the owner. All apartments and properties were personally visited by Azurrental. The photo material was provided by the owner or created by Azurrental during the property inspection. Printing errors and changes are reserved. The interior has been individually described and depends of course on the taste of the property owner.

Payment of the rental price
35 % deposit payment up to one week after booking (early bookings will receive modified payment terms)
65 % balance payment up to four weeks before arrival via money transfer:
Bank details: Commerzbank Köln, Azurrental, Vera Birgel

IBAN DE20 3704 0044 0213 7198 00, BIC COBA DE FF XXX
By credit card or via PayPal on the account: (+ 2 % fees)

The security deposit to be paid is mentioned in the property descriptions. Payment is due one week before arrival by bank transfer – it is not possible to make a cash payment on site! After proper and objection-free approval of the property, the deposit amount will be refunded one week after departure to an account to be specified by the tenant. We like to point out, that without paying a security deposit, no key collection can be made by the staff on site!
The minimum rental period is one week. The property will be available between 16:00 – 17:00 h (depends on property) on the day of arrival. Arrivals after 20:00 h are to announce and will be charged with 50 Euro additional fees. On the day of departure, the rental property must be left by 10:00 h.
Early arrivals are not possible, as the final cleaning of the villas and apartments takes place between the change of tenants.
Obligation of the tenant
The property may only be occupied with the corresponding maximum number of persons. If the responsible person on site determines an overcrowding, a recalculation shall be carried out. The tenant undertakes to treat the holiday accommodation and the entire inventory with all due care. Damages caused by the tenant must be notified to the agency immediately via email.
Final cleaning is not included in the rental price. The amount to be paid for the final cleaning on the spot in cash is mentioned in the exposé. The tenants undertake to hand over the respective property in a clean condition. If above-average contamination is detected by the on-site service personnel (who is not in our employee relationship) after departure, a recalculation will be made at the expense of the tenant. Special: waste disposal 25 euros, BBQ cleaning 35 euros
Bed linen and towels
Laundry packages can be rented for almost all properties. Prices vary depending on the property – details can be found in the respective exposé. When renting laundry packages, the beds are covered on arrival (sheets, blankets and pillowcases). The number of towels is determined by the owner, but usually includes a shower towel and a normal towel. Bath towels for the pool area or the beach are not provided. In case of exceptions, it is marked in the exposé. The laundry packages are provided for the duration of the stay, i.e. no change is made for a stay of several weeks. Almost all villas are equipped with washing machines. It is of course possible to change the laundry packages during your stay against the fees mentioned in the exposé. Please arrange this on the spot with the local key holder. The quality and design of the laundry depends on the taste of the owner.
Internet access
No liability is assumed for the connection speed or the availability of internet access. Since the owners are dependent on the performance of their provider, no guarantee can be given in case of malfunctions. Disruptions can occur in the region after heavy rains or severe weather, and there may be longer waiting times for faults, as most lines are still laid above ground. Abatements of rent are not possible in this case.
All properties are equipped with one or more TVs. The language of the chanells to be received is determined by the owner. Azurrental has no influence on this. Changes to the settings must not be made. In case of non-observance, Azurrental is forced to hire a technician on behalf of the tenant to re-regulate the setting. In case of strong winds or rain, the TV reception may be significantly impaired.
Umbrellas/awnings as well as cushions or sunbeds
Since the winds occurring in the region can come up very suddenly and are often also very violent, parasols or awnings must be closed when leaving the property. Damage must unfortunately be charged! Similarly, pillows or mats for the sun-loungers are only to be used with towels and cleared into the interior at night, otherwise the high humidity creates a very unsightly contamination by stick stains, the removal of which must also be invoiced.
Complaints about defects in the rental property must be submitted immediately by telephone or e-mail to the key holder and in copy to Azurrental. The lessee is obliged to cooperate in the recation of defects, to minimize damage and to grant a reasonable period of time for the rectification of defects.
No guarantee or liability is assumed for the function of the electrical appliances or for their possible loss of function. In the case of defects that are unfortunately unforeseeable, the landlord is of course endeavouring to procure a replacement or to order a corresponding repair. However, due to local conditions, especially in high season, the duration of the repair may exceed the tenant’s length of stay.
Complaints about possible contamination in the rental property upon moving in must be addressed to the responsible person on site.
Typical local conditions
Due to local weather conditions such as Mistral or rain with Saharan sand, contamination can occur in the outdoor areas even after the final cleaning of the property until the guests arrive. This may affect the outdoor furniture, the terraces and also the swimming pool. In the case of rain with Saharan sand, the pool is cloudy. This is not a defect or a lack of cleanness, but only suspended substances that got into the water with the rain. The on-site pool service personnel are in continuous use after such a natural occurrence and endeavour to carry out additional maintenance as soon as possible. The binding and filtering out of the hovering
substances in the water can of course take up to several days, depending on the size of the pool.
Use of the swimming pool
We expressly point out that the use of private swimming pools or the use of the pools in the resorts is at your own risk. Neither the owner of the holiday property nor Azurrental are liable for personal injury or property damage.

The pools of the private holiday villas are usually secured with an alarm system, fence or cover tarpaulin. If an alarm system is available, it must not be switched off by the tenant under any circumstances. Existing alarm systems, fences and tarpaulins do not release the tenant from his permanent duty of supervision towards children who may be travelling with him.

Child safety of the holiday property
Since the villas are privately owned properties, they are equipped or built according to the requirements of the owners. Safety regulations as they are known from holiday resorts do not apply here. For example, terraces or stairs may not be secured by high railings or grids. Also, the interior of the villas usually does not have child protections such as barriers in front of stairs, socket fuses, etc.
Special COVID-19 regulation

Special conditions with regard to COVID-19:
If border closures by governments, or curfews or quarantine regulations at the holiday destination are imposed by the French government, which prevent your arrival on the planned day of arrival or drastically restrict your freedom of movement at the holiday destination, a full refund of the rental amount will be made by the owner. A cancellation or handling fee will not be due in this case either. Please have also at look at the news-letter: Special conditions for COVID-19 cancellations in our news area. 

Resignation by the tenant

The customer can withdraw from the trip at any time before the start of the rental. Decisive is the receipt of the written notice of withdrawal to Azurrental. The withdrawal costs are fixed as follows:

if the lessee provides a sub-tenant who assumes all contractual obligations, there are no costs,
if the lessee withdraws up to 61 days before the start of the rental, only a handling fee of 150,- Euro will be incurred
in the event of a withdrawal 60-45 days before the start of the rental, 25 % of the total rental price will be charged,
in the case of a withdrawal of 44 to 30 days before the start of the rental, 50 % of the total rental price will be charged,
in the event of a withdrawal of 29 to 14 days before the start of the rental, 75 % of the total rental price will be charged,
in the event of a later withdrawal, the entire rental price must be paid.
Since unforeseeable reasons can prevent the start of a holiday trip at any time, we strongly recommend that our guests take out travel expenses cancellation insurance.

Resignation by the landlord
The owner has the right to withdraw from the rental agreement if the deployment of the rental property is not possible. Reasons for this may be: sale of the property, war, strike, natural disasters, fire or elementary damage to the property. Payments made on the rental price will of course be refunded immediately in these cases.
General note

All offered properties are privately owned and not property of Azurrental. Building technicians or replacement equipment as you know in hotel facilities are not available. The contact persons on site sometimes live many kilometres away and cannot always be on hand immediately. If you contact us or the local responsible persons by phone, please observe the usual times! No calls will be received in the late evening or at night. In basic emergencies we ask to call the fire brigade (Pompiers), the emergency doctor or the police (call number 112 fire brigade, emergency doctor 15, police 17).

As of July 28, 2020

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